Heizomat Biomass Boilers


HSK boiler range

The HSK range covers 7 boilers from 15-150kw. the HSK range has fully automated ignition, self feed, self cleaning and with automated ash removal. Suitable for the combustion of woodchip, sawdust, shavings, pellets with a moisture content of up to 30%.

RHK boiler range

The RHK boiler range includes our larger systems with boilers ranging from 50kw to 3mw. The RHK also allows for fully automated conbustion and regulation, and features a moving grate ash revoval system for high volumes of fuel use and allows the combustion of higher ash fuels such as rape straw.

Heizomat company information

Heizomat are a German company with over 30years experience in biomass. With over 30,000 biomass boilers installed to date Heizomat are one of the longest standing German manufactures. Please click here for more information on the company and its manufacturing facilities.

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