About Us

At Thermotec Ecosystems we specialise in tailoring renewable energy solutions to suit your site specific requirements. 
Our ability to utilise a range of established technologies, predominantlly imported directly from manufacturers in Germany, provides us with the ability to design and supply high specification systems to cost effectively meet your demands for energy efficiency, microrenewable energy production, and sustainable development in all its manefestations.

We are the sole UK disributor for Wallnoefer Energi Systems, Zewotherm heat distribution and insulation systems and Jeremias Stainless Steel Chimneys as well as having established partnerships with numerous leading manufacturers in Germany, Austria and across the continent. We provide cost efective and well engineered solutions to meet your energy requirements and resources.

Our offices are situated within the 200 year old Braco Castle Estate and are heated solely with biomass energy. Our pioneering system was the first in Scotland to provide heating for office based, domestic and a commercial kiln drying system. We have since designed and supplied a wide range of renewable energy systems; ranging from biogas production and utilisation in the livestock industry, to designing heat exchange systems for commercial polytunnel based horticulture and aquaponic systems, and from micro hydro schemes, to the carbon neutral heating of domestic buildings with biomass boiler systems and underfloor heating.

Our diversity of approaches and ability to apply the fundementals of renewable energy within a wide range of applications, coupled with our linkages within the german manufacturing industry and UK based academic reserach and development projects, means we are ideally placed to guide you through, step by step, the design and consulation process, maximising the grant funding options available, to the supply and installation of your energy solution.


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