Fuel Storage & Hoppers


Heizomat prefabricated hoppers

We supply a range of prefabricated hopper buildings, purpose built for the storage of woodchips, pellets and other biomass fuel. The hoppers are available in 3-7m and up to two and a half times higher than their width. Hoppers supplied flat packed, with roof and filling ports.

For information on prefabricated hoppers from Heizomat please contact us on info@thermotec.co.uk 

Containerised Heizomat systems            

For some of our larger Heizomat boiler systems containers are often a cost effective and practical solution, for both housing the boiler but also for fuel storage, through either moving bed or swing arm agitators within the fuel containers.
When two fuel storage containers are used, it allows one to be periodically removed and refilled, if deemed more cost effective, or the flexibility to fill both directly as well.
For information on containerised systems from Heizomat please contact us on info@thermotec.co.uk                                                                                                              

Fliegl HeizBox           

This prefabricated boiler and fuel store housing comes pre-clad with timber, complete with metal roofing and gutters, providing a complete instant solution for housing both the boiler and fuel. The HeizBox provides a time and cost efficient solution for most biomass installations.  

For information on the Heizbox please contact us on info@thermotec.co.uk                                                                                                             

Building your own hopper          

A high percentage of our clients opt to build their own hopper and boiler room, which in many cases proves to be the most cost effective but also allows the building to be built to the ideal site specific requirements. Having been through the process countless times, we're always happy to advise on what the best option would be for your project, and for every boiler we supply we supply a scaled drawing of the boiler room and hopper layout to ensure your construction meets the required specifications.   
For information on specifications and requirements for your hopper, please contact us on info@thermotec.co.uk



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