Heizomat Biomass Boilers (woodchip, pellets & sawdust)

We operate Heizomat UK, and as the UK importer offer a full range of biomass boiler systems from 30kw to 3mw to our installer partners. Heizomat are a German manufacturer with a 31 year track record and over 30,000 boilers installed worldwide to date. Capable of burning woodchip, pellets, sawdust, shavings and rape straw, and feature automated feeding, ignition, self-cleaning and automated ash removal with web integrated touch screen controls.
For more information on Heizomat Boilers please click here..

District Heating Systems

We offer a full range of district heating solutions, from heat transfer stations to preinsulated underground pipe, fittings and installation tools. We're the UK importer/wholesaler for ENERPIPE a leading German district heating specialist and supply their high specification products at continental prices.

Fuel & Grain Drying Systems

As the main UK distributors for Lauber, a German manufacturer biomass drying systems, we supply their full range of containerised drying units that provide a versatile and efficient solution to drying a wide variety of different types of biomass. The Lauber LEN-Z system is available in 4 sizes; 80kw, 150kw, 230kw & 650kw and can be coupled with removalable drying containers or a fixed drying floor. For more information on Lauber drying system, please click here...

Fuel Transport

We supply a wide range of Heizomats fuel transport solutions, from a hydraulic harvesting machine, to blowers, augers, rape straw shredders, and hydraulic grabs, Heizomat have engineered and refined systems to move a wide range of biomass materials from standing timber, brushwood and thinning in the forest to moving chips, grain and pellets with augers and blowers along with a system to shred and homogenise prior to combustion. For more information on fuel transport please click here...



Heizohack Wood Chippers

We supply a full range of Heizohack woodchippers, ranging from hand fed trailer mounted versions right up to crane fed lorry mounted chipper systems. Heizohack chippers are used by biomass professionals worldwide. For more information on Heizohack Chippers, please click here...



Solid Wood Biomass Systems

We supply the full range of Solar Bayer solid wood biomass systems, either supplied as complete systems with boiler, heat storage tanks, safety gear and peripherals to the indiviual components themselves. Solar Bayer are also the manufacturer and majority owner of Vigas. Solar Bayer provides exceptionally good value for money whilst never compromising on quality and efficiency. For more information on Solid Wood biomass systems, please click here...


Flues, Tanks & Peripherals

With over 5 years experience in the designing, specifying and sourcing the highest quality components, mainly from Germany provides us with the ability to buy direct from the manufactuers and pass these discounts onto our clients. We supply Jeremias Flue systems, Solar Bayer buffer and expansion vessels through to solar pre-heating and underfloor and wall heating systems.  For information on our full range of accessories and peripherals, please click here..

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