Solid Wood Biomass Systems

Thermotec Ecosystems represents Solar Bayer in the UK, and offers its extensive and cost effective range of solid wood biomass boilers, both as individual units as well as in specially formulated kits that provide a complete log burning solution for any home.

Solar Bayer HVS solid Wood Boiler Range (16-80kw)

These high efficinecy wood gasifaction boilers provide a cost effective solutions requiring between 16 to 80kw.
The boilers are design to be stoked once to twice a day in winter and once every few days in summer, and with a relatively short efficient burn, then thermal energy is stored within an appropriately sized thermal store to be drawn down when required.
The boilers have a Lambda control which detects the oxygen in the exhaust gases and increases of decreases the blowers to maintain optimal combustion. Due to the use of woodgasification to maximised efficiency these boiler do require well seasons fire wood, and operate most happily at below 25% moisture content.

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Complete Solar Bayer Solid Wood Boiler Systems

a complete solid wood boiler solution, kit includes:
- HVS woodgasification boiler
- heat storage tank
- Expansion vessel and saftey gear


Thermal Storage Tanks (Buffer vessels)

solar bayer manufacture a wide variety of different thermal storage tanks, ranging from simple stratified themal stores, to multi input tanks with multiple internal heat exchangers to cater for a vareity of different heat sources.
- stratified buffer tanks 500-5000ltrs
- combined solar domestic hotwater tanks 300-1000ltrs
- Heat pump/solar storage tank (500ltrs)
- numerous other tanks to meet every possible requirement.


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